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Federico de Mare
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First of all hello everbody! Few months ago I started play on eg server. Since I download on internet (i cant remember wich site) cfg for et I have problems with download map and everything else. I cannot download anymore direct maps ,sounds etc etc... Its says i dont have that pk3 file, so I always need to download map on splaterladder and then put into etmain,some maps again told me I dont have that pk3 file even i download it on splatterladder and put it on etmain... can somebody help me? Thanks
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Head Admin
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Hi Federico!

You have to activate this settings:

Options > Game >

Allow HTTP Downloads 
Get missing files from server

Both must be set to YES.

After this you can save your config file with "/writeconfig configname.cfg" in the game console.

If your settings has not been saved with the next start of your et.exe:

Rightclick on et.exe > characteristics > Enter at the end of the target line: "+exec configname.cfg" like here:

If you have still problems, please tell us again here.

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